a day in the life sessions


It all started when...

I brought someone a meal. That's right. I was bringing someone a meal after they had a baby and when I walked in, what I saw was beautiful! Mom was nursing bay on a chair in the kitchen, their 3 year old was wearing her panties while playing with magnets on the refrigerator, the older brother was playing legos at the kitchen table... (legos were beautiful scattered everyone). I literally thought to myself... wow! There is nothing more beautiful than this! There is nothing more beautiful than ordinary life.

Posed pictures, and even candid ones at a session are adorable and do end up on the walls of your home. But my goodness... this... this is what life is all about! This is the important stuff! This is what you are dedicated your life to!

Whether its being a stay at home parent, being a teacher, a nurse, a student, or whatever it is that you do. REMEBER IT! These moments are something to treasure!

The goal of this type of session is not to be posed AT ALL. I want the photos to be honest. I want the laughter, the tears, the sruggle, the pain, the joy, the love, that comes with doing what you do. No matching outfits, no forced smiles. I just want unrefined, genuine, complete authenticity! I want you to look at these picutres and be transported to that moment. The moments that matter! 

To learn more about this type of session, visit the my blog! :) And if you are looking for pricing information, contact me for the details.