You are beautiful!

This year brought a first for me. Photographing senior girls. Before this point I've only had senior boys and while they are fun in their own way... there is nothing like photographing a girl. As a mom of (soon to be 3!) girls... I look at these senior's in a special way. I see them and I see my future (x3!) I look in their eyes and I know their struggles. I've been there. I have felt what they felt. Transitioning from a carefree, innocent, and pure child full of vivacious happiness into someone who has new dimensions and complex emotions. When we walk down the makeup aisle, see magazine racks, learn about Hollywood and the fashion industry, we learn to hate our own appearance. We suddenly feel pressure to look, feel or be a certain way.

Nearly every woman I have ever photographed, not matter what age, starts the session by saying, "I'm not really sure what i'm doing, I don't know how to stand, or my personal LEAST favorite... 'I'm not photogenic...' ." News Flash: There are NO photogenic people. There are only confident people. And if you're not feel particularly confident... do not fret. That is my job. We live in a society that is determined to make you forget. To forget who you are. You are a beautiful work of art! You are unique. You are irreplaceable. You are important. You are someone worth celebrating. The forgetfulness begins as teenagers (if not even earlier) and continues to follow us through the rest of our lives. But I view it as not just my job but my incredible privilege to help you remember. To remind you that you are worthy! You are worthy to be photographed. I want my photographs to encourage you, bring you joy and fill you up!  I long for my photographs to challenge the false beliefs you have about yourself and instead be the push that you need to see the beautiful work of art that you are. You are enough.


Senior Session at Scully Mansion

Just outside Lincoln city limits sits a true country manor, Scully mansion. Tom Scully and his wife, Violet, built this mansion just before World War II when his family was one of the biggest landowners in all of Illinois. The Scully family was living in France at the time and the Germans were invading France so they moved to America. They had a huge farm here and the Scully family decided they wanted to build a colonial cottage. Violet Scully drew up some sketches of what she wanted the home to look like and there it stands today. The house is absolutely stunning, completely with fields, wooden barn, picture-perfect landscape, pond with a fountain, perfectly groomed shrubbery and more. This place was immaculate.

This was the perfect location for an AMAZING senior session to happen. Ariana Spencer has such an amazing sense of style... I knew her outfits would not disappoint. The tones and colors she selected could not have been better! It was a gorgeous day with the most wonderful light... we got so lucky!

Ariana is so sweet and was a natural in front of the camera. A true model, I tell you! Right now Ariana is finishing up her senior year at Lincoln Community High School but her plans for the future are impressive. I'm excited to see where her life takes her and honored to have photographed such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Enjoy some of our favorites from her senior session!

Welcome Baby Emmalyn...

Emmalyn Jill Furman was born on September 15th at 1:32 p.m. weighing in at 9 lbs and 14 oz. She was welcomed by her mom, Brooklyn, dad, Westley, and brother, Kade. They came in to the studio when Emmalyn was 6 days old. She was laid back and pretty easy going. She loved having her hands by her face and slept the entire session. Her brother, Kade, loved watching his baby sister get her picture taken while playing with his Thomas the train in the toyroom connected to the studio. This family is transitioning quite well to being a family of four! I mean, they showed up at the studio at 8 a.m.!!! I can't even get my two kids out the door before 9! Ha!

Well, if you think Emmalyn is just the cutest thing you've ever seen, just wait. She is one of my Baby's First Year clients so you will be seeing a lot more of Emmalyn! :)

Beverlin Family Photos

The Beverlin Family is from the Bloomington/normal area but traveled down to Lincoln for this particular photoshoot at Kickapoo Creek Park. They were one of the first families I ever photographed when first moving to Illinois and I couldn't have asked for better clients.  Watching their kids grow up the last 3 years has been such an honor.

One funny thing about our photoshoots is that they are always in extreme conditions. Summer heat, snow, etc. But this time it was a nice 70 degrees for this fall session! It was in the evening right before sunset so we got that gorgeous "golden hour" glow and it paid off. Check it out for yourself below!


A Day in the Life... The Howard Family

I recently had the pleasure of photography the day in the life of a mom and dad, Jessica and Aaron Howard, who have been blessed with 8 kids. The experience was incredible and such a joy. As mom, Jessica, put it, "These are real life pictures that are very special to me. Some of them show the crazy, and most of them show the awesomeness of large family life." And I couldn't agree more.

Thank you so much for allowing me into your home, meet your kids, play with them, and photograph your life Howard Family! Enjoy!