Welcome to the World Avery Sue!

Every season of parenting comes with its own set of ups and downs. When you have a newborn life can seem so overwhelming. Sleepless nights, your body is healing and changing, learning your baby’s cries, anxiety driven by an undeniable love for your new child, and experiencing every emotion under the sun that affects your body, mind, and spirit.

When I had my first baby someone told me to "enjoy every season." After 3 babies... I feel like I have FINALLY learned how to do that. Not anticipate the next phase... but actually ENJOY where they are at. Every season of parenting has something new and exciting to offer. Find it, embrace it, and remember it when it feels so hard!

Congratulations on your new baby Heidi Moor!  Avery is absolutely perfect!


"Miss Jen's" Maternity Session

"Miss Jen" as my two year old daughter, Annistyn, would say is someone super special. When my daughter turned two she qualified for speech therapy. It wasn't that we couldn't understand her... She simply wasn't interested in talking. Of course, as a mom you wonder where you went wrong. What could I have done differently to prevent this? We read books to her all day every day, frequent visitors of local libraries, spent lots of time playing with her, etc. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect when we had our first appointment with a speech therapist. I just knew I wanted to understand my child. She was so smart, her comprehension was off the charts, but she just refused to talk. But after meeting Miss Jen and working with her for 6 months... my child is now speaking just as well as anyone else her age. She actually "graduated" from the program and is no longer in speech! I can't believe it and I'm so very thankful! 

So when Miss Jen approached me about taking some maternity and newborn photos for her growing family I was so excited to do so! Enjoy the sneak peeks from the session. But first, enjoy this little letter just for you Miss Jen! 


Miss Jen, you cared for my child in a way I will always remember. The first time she told us a story, the BIGGEST smile came to my face. You did it! You listened when I had doubts, and gave me great advice. Never once did you judge me or make it seem like I was doing this whole parenting thing wrong. And I sure had my days of doubt. You became more than my child's speech therapist, you became someone I truly admire. Thank you for caring, and thank you for coming into our lives when we needed it the most! 


Amiyah is 6 months!

I've had the privilege of watching Amiyah grow before she was even born! When her mom, Katina, scheduled a 3 month session for her son, Princeton, she had just found out she was pregnant! So whenever I got to photograph Princeton throughout his first year, I got to see Amiyah growing in her mommy's belly! When she was born, her mom scheduled a Baby's First Year Session with me and so I had the pleasure of photographing her when she was a newborn as well! I cannot believe she is already 6 months old. In motherhood the days can feel SO long, especially when you have 2 kids under 2! But the years are short, friends! Hold them tight and enjoy every season! Her are some sneak peeks from Katina's session with her beautiful family!  


Welcome Grant Christopher!

Angie Brooks took part in my Belly to Baby package when she found out she was expecting Baby #5! You can view some sneak peeks of her maternity session here. Well, sweet Grant Christopher came a week earlier than expected via emergency C-section but Mom held up like a champ! She brought him into my studio a week later. Taking photos of this whopping 5 lb. 10 oz. sweet baby boy brought so much joy to my heart! I cannot wait to watch him grow! Congratulations Angie and Chris! 


Happy 6 months, Piper!

Baby's are only little once. Never again will they be this size. Their sweet gummy smiles, their big belly laughs, their big round eyes, their arms and legs full of rolls... ALL things you will want to remember forever. Kristan and Nate Pridemore realized the importance of this moment and contact it to make sure it was documented in photographs they would treasure their entire lives. 

Enjoy some sneak peeks from their session! If you are interested in booking your own photo session for your family or child, contact me here.