One of my favorite Photo Sessions I've ever done!

It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant or having babies (including myself) J This takes me back to one of my favorite sessions I have ever done! A sweet maternity session with a sweet couple!

Destry and Christine Allgood

I’ll never forget it. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon in November and Joplin was having its first torrential snowstorm of the season (a little early). But nonetheless, we decided to go for the session, not really sure if I could make it on the slick roads. Well I made it to their home sweet home and boy am I glad I did. Here are some of the photos from the session:

There are a couple reasons why this is one of my favorite photo shoots I’ve ever done.

1)      Attitude.  Pregnancy isn’t an easy time to have photo taken. Clothes that are stretched and barely fit. Swollen ankles, face, well … everything. In addition to that you might feel tired, nauseas, sore, achy, and blimp-like but pregnancy is a thing of beauty. It inspires awe and amazement in the minds of many and if you ignore those little voices in your head telling you otherwise, it could do the same for you.  Even though we look at the photos above and see nothing but beauty, I’m sure she had days where she felt otherwise and yet she stepped out and decided to say yes to maternity photos.

2)      Location. This location was very special to the couple. Their first home, the home they would bring home they sweet baby girl to. The home where they would be staying up late nights rocking their child, having 2 a.m. feedings, changing diapers, and staring into their daughters eyes with awe and wonder. Capturing pictures of them in the rocking chair where they would be rocking their sweet child in just a few short weeks. Pictures of them in the nursery that they spent hours decorating until it was just right. Pictures of them lounging on the couch together as a couple, soon to be joined by a precious baby girl. Pictures of them in their front yard where their baby girl would soon be playing, crawling, or taking her first steps. This is a time of their life they want to remember in a special place they want to remember.

3)      Trust. Do some research and find a photographer that you trust. An experienced or talented photographer will be great at directing you and suggesting ideas, so it’s good to find out what they like to do in maternity shoots. I tend to favor candid style photos as opposed to cheesy and posed. You want to find a photographer you can trust to capture how you feel—in love, excited, content, and full of hope.