How to decorate with your Family Photos

I love decorating houses. With a little patience and planning every surface of your house becomes a stage. But family photos can present a variety of problems…there’s black and white vs. color, then there is the task of framing the pictures in a way that flatters them. So how do you display your family photos with style? Here are some things to consider.

1)      Plan your arrangement.

a.       When putting a bunch of holes in the wall, its good to have a plan!

2)      Group Black and White family Photos.

a.       One popular gallery choice is the use of black and white photos. It makes the photos seem timeless and cohesive, creating a clean and classic look. And when you are trying to group together pictures from different time frames, the look of black and white can create consistency.

3)      Purchase matching frames.

a.       Another popular approach to create uniformity is to buy matching frames. The same outlines of each frame can tie pictures together that have completely different looks. Also, if you are looking for a room-brightening solution try framing the pictures in white!

4)      Frames of same color and different designs.

a.       Often times we are all stuck with frames of different sizes and want to use what we have. If this is the case one technique you can use to create some equality is painting them all the same color but let go of the different sizes. Some can be thick, thin, circles, square, double mats, two pictures, one picture. These differences don’t matter!

5)      Add interest with antique frames.

a.       This is my personal favorite. These days the display of your family photos is every bit as important as the photos themselves. Using antique frames to surround your cherished memories can create interest and adds some history to the wall. Head over to your local flea market and you can find frames of different textures, shapes and sizes for dirt cheap. Also, note the double outlining in the photo below. Circular photo frames inside rectangular ones.

b.      Also feel free to use an antique window frame to show off your pictures.

6)      Pops of color.

a.       Who says frames should only be black or white? Pop of color adds personality!

7)      Use of other objects in the wall display.

a.       Letters, numbers, quotes, chalkboards, mirrors, etc.

8)      Canvas.

                   a.) Canvas bring memories to life. Plus you don’t have to mess with frames!