25 days of Christmas Pictures Challenge....

Christmas seasons is just around the corner! I cannot believe it. I know this sounds cliché, but this year FLEW by! In this midst of all the hustle and bustle this holiday season, I'm making it my goal to slow down and take pictures of things that I find beautiful during this time of year! So, I'm making myself a 25 days of Christmas *PICTURE CHALLENGE*! You should totally join. Each day i'm going to slow down and snap one picture... one memory! So here is my list of the 25 things I'm going photograph... Join me in this challenge! Feel free to share your pics in the comments!

  1. Kiss under the mistletoe
  2. Kids asleep on Christmas Eve!
  3. All the stockings hung in a row
  4. Santas milk and cookies
  5. A cup of hot chocolate
  6. Christmas cards ready to mail
  7. Your favorite Christmas decoration
  8. Somebody's reflection in a tree ornament! If no reflection, at least just a tree ornament close up!
  9. Kids in their holiday jammies!
  10. Your Christmas tree lit up at night!
  11. SNOW!
    • Think a snowy tree, footprints in the snow, icicles, the possibilities are endless!
  12. All the presents under the tree!
  13. Your favorite holiday treat
  14. The calendar on December 25th!
  15. Nativity!
  16. Christmas shopping!
  17. Sitting on Santa's lap!
  18. Loved ones!
  19. Enjoying your favorite holiday movie!
  20. Outdoor Christmas lights!
  21. Fire in the fireplace!
  22. Your tree topper!
  23.  Readying the Christmas story!
  24.  Decorating your tree!
  25. Christmas morning bedhead!

Merry Christmas Season Everyone!