You are beautiful!

This year brought a first for me. Photographing senior girls. Before this point I've only had senior boys and while they are fun in their own way... there is nothing like photographing a girl. As a mom of (soon to be 3!) girls... I look at these senior's in a special way. I see them and I see my future (x3!) I look in their eyes and I know their struggles. I've been there. I have felt what they felt. Transitioning from a carefree, innocent, and pure child full of vivacious happiness into someone who has new dimensions and complex emotions. When we walk down the makeup aisle, see magazine racks, learn about Hollywood and the fashion industry, we learn to hate our own appearance. We suddenly feel pressure to look, feel or be a certain way.

Nearly every woman I have ever photographed, not matter what age, starts the session by saying, "I'm not really sure what i'm doing, I don't know how to stand, or my personal LEAST favorite... 'I'm not photogenic...' ." News Flash: There are NO photogenic people. There are only confident people. And if you're not feel particularly confident... do not fret. That is my job. We live in a society that is determined to make you forget. To forget who you are. You are a beautiful work of art! You are unique. You are irreplaceable. You are important. You are someone worth celebrating. The forgetfulness begins as teenagers (if not even earlier) and continues to follow us through the rest of our lives. But I view it as not just my job but my incredible privilege to help you remember. To remind you that you are worthy! You are worthy to be photographed. I want my photographs to encourage you, bring you joy and fill you up!  I long for my photographs to challenge the false beliefs you have about yourself and instead be the push that you need to see the beautiful work of art that you are. You are enough.