Introducing Reese....

Nothing can quite prepare you for that moment you become a parent. You have 40 weeks or so to read all the books, get all the advice, buy all the stuff. But that moment when you're in the hospital and they hand you your brand new baby for the first time, it becomes real. And then, when the two days are up and they wheel you out to your car and you put the carseat in.... it becomes even more real. And then, when your baby is screaming at 2 a.m. wanting to eat for the 5th time since falling asleep.... it becomes even more real. YOU are this baby's everything. YOU are responsible for growing and raising this tiny human into a full-functioning adult. In the first few weeks of parenthood you experience a range of emotions, indescribable love, paralyzing fear, unbelievable joy, crippling anxiety, and the list goes on. But there is one thing for sure... this is momentous. You never know how much you can possibly love until you become a parent.

Katie and Simon Merila experienced this momentous moment on July 4th at 1:33 a.m. Becoming parents for the first time to their sweet baby girl, Reese James Merila. They brought her into the studio and the session was a typical one with poops, pees, feedings, sleeping, and of course lots of baby cuddles. It's so amazing to see how even as tiny newborns these baby's already have such personality. Reese was laid back and easy-going but at the same time new what she wanted and wasn't afraid to tell me if she did not like what I was doing. It will be so fun to watch Reese grow through her first year and watch Katie and Simon find their way through parenthood.

Congratulations Simon and Katie! She is perfect!