Married for half a century...

You want to know one thing that is more beautiful than young love... old love.

A few weeks ago I had the honor of photography a 50th wedding anniversary party for Jerry & Esther Perschnick.

Their party was held at the Coyote Creek Golf & Country Club in Bartonville, Illinois, just outside of Peoria, Illinois. Everything was perfect. When guests entered they had a chance to write well wishes to the couple in a guest book and travel down this beautifully decorated table around the edges of the room. On this table was memorabilia and photos from every couple in Jerry and Esther's family over the last few generations who have made it to their golden anniversary. It is truly astonishing how many of these that this family has been blessed with.  At the end was the wedding dress that Esther wore 50 years ago while marrying Jerry as well as a beautiful quilt made by Esther's sister. After this you got to pick your table and chat with the MANY people who were there to celebrate this moment with their friends. One thing was quite clear. Jerry and Esther were so well loved. They were joined by friends from childhood and college roommates, cousins, colleagues, and sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and other family from all over.

After enjoying some amazing food from Catering Peoria, the couple recreated their cake-cutting photos from their wedding by cutting a decadent 3-tier cake and serving it to each other. The cake was then passed around to the guests alongside the ORIGINAL napkins from Jerry & Esther's wedding in 1967.

Everything about this party was perfectly planned and absolutely stunning. But nothing was as beautiful or shined as brightly as the love between Jerry and Esther. The wedding may have been 50 years ago but the celebration continues to this day. These two people are great examples of what a marriage should be.

To Esther and Jerry: Your love and devotion inspires everyone around you. May the love that you share only grow stronger with time. Well wishes and Happy Anniversary!