First Man to ever book a photoshoot!

I had just finished up sweet Kyleigh's "Baby's first year" session... Jeremy (the dad) was loading props and outfits into the car when Emily (the mom) nonchalantly mentioned to me that it had been forever since her and her husband have had nice pictures taken together. I smiled and told her I totally understand as a photographer, I NEVER take pictures of me and my own family or even my own kids.

Later that night, I got it. I received the first message ever from a male inquiring about a photoshoot. Jeremy had overheard what Emily had said and since their anniversary was coming up he decided to book a surprise photoshoot for him and his wife. After deciding on a date and time we began to ponder locations. We decided to take a field trip to a special location that was near and dear to their hearts. Funks Grove Chapel in the Woods. It was where they had got married just 3 years earlier. What happens when you revisit the place you got married for your anniversary shoot? Magic... Magic happens

This session was beautiful and full of smiles, laughter, and kisses. The joy and the love between them even 3 years later is evident to any bystander. Happy Anniversary Emily and Jeremy! I wish you many more years of love and happiness!