Welcome Levy!

I've known the Byrd family for quite some time now! I did Motley's photos, their firstborn baby girl, throughout her first year. When you get to meet up with clients every 3 months and watch these sweet babies grow up it sure is something special. They become like family. So, naturally, when I found out they were expecting Baby Girl #2 I was thrilled. I LOVE watching families grow. It is the heartbeat of my business. Photographing these sweet families from start to finish in their journey of parenthood makes my heartbeat fast. It makes me excited to go to work each and every day. It is one of the reasons I love my job so very much! 

I wont keep you waiting, Introducing Levitt (Levy) Jo-Anne Byrd! She was born on at 9:20 a.m. on May 10, 2018 weighting 7.9lbs and 21 inches long. First I will show you some sneak peeks from her Fresh 48 session followed by some from her Newborn Session. 

Fresh 48 sessions are some of my favorites. Those precious moments right after you have a baby are such a blur. You're tired after going through the marathon of labor and you are running on nothing but adrenaline and love. That's why Fresh 48 photos are so important. Having me come to the hospital to photograph those special moments right after birth. Older siblings meeting the newest addition to their families... absolutely some of the MOST authentic, unposed, raw, and emotional images one will ever capture. 

Newborn photos are just as special though. Your sweet baby's beauty accentuated by adorable wraps and poses. They will NEVER be this little again. Get those beautiful newborn photos put up on the wall for all to see and for you to cherish and never forget. 

Enjoy these photos from Levy's Fresh 48 and Newborn Session!