Why you want a Fresh 48 Session!

From a mother's standpoint. Having a baby is an experience that is ineffable. As mom's, we have spent the last 9-10 months with this baby growing inside of us. A life that completely depends on us. We get to know their wake and sleep patterns, what time of days they move and what time of day they sleep. We know how frequently they get the hiccups and begin to get an idea of whether they are going to be an awesome soccer player 😂😜. But up until this moment. This moment when our body decides that we are ready. That I am ready. That my baby is ready. That the world is ready. Then and only then is our baby brought into the world.

The pains of labor are inexplicable. But the power that the mother displays in these moments is EQUALLY inexplicable. There is no other sensation in the entire human existence like it. The feelings of readiness and excitement are slowly overcome by silence & seriousness. This is followed by feelings of apprehension and then when we believe that we cannot do it any more... this is when it happens. This is the moment that not just a baby is born.... but a mother is born.

This is the moment when that baby inside your tummy becomes more than that.... they have a face, they have a cry, they have an identity... and they become your everything. It is at this moment that this hypothetical glass ceiling, that we didn't know previously existed, is shattered and suddenly we get to know and experience what true, unconditional love is.

It is curious to me as to why we hire a professional photographer to photograph our wedding but not our birth. Just as wedding photos are an investment. Birth photos are also an investment. I promise you, you will not regret it. How do I know this? Because NOTHING can compare to that moment when you and your baby meet for the first time.

I offer both Fresh 48 photos as well as posed newborn photos. To me, each one is as important as the other. Each of them serve completely different purposes. Each of them make you feel two very emotions. Both good. Both necessary. That is why I offer a combination package. When you purchase a newborn posed session, you can add a fresh 48 session on for a discounted price. I believe that both types will serve you greatly now and for years to come.

Enjoy these sneak peeks from Liz Peden's fresh 48 session!