Start thinking like a photographer...

So it’s time to book that yearly photo session for your family! Once you have a photographer there is still another VERY important decision to make before the photo taking even starts! In this email I'm going to teach you how to STOP thinking like a client and START thinking like a photographer when it comes to photo sessions!

The first and most important factor of booking your session is the time of the session. This is a really tricky subject. I’m a mama to three littles so I totally understand wanting happy kids in photos! Truly! But if you want your session at 2:30 pm in the middle of a beautiful field and you want even skin tones, that bright and airy feel, and a perfectly lit photo... you might be asking your photographer to do superhuman things.

How so!?!

By scheduling your session for less than optimal hours! If you want photos in a field with your kids and you playing in the tall grass… that CANNOT happen between the hours of 9 a.m.-5pm. Sometimes even earlier or later depending on the time of year! UNLESS it’s overcast, a downtown session, or a location that provides us with LOTS of shade late-morning, mid-day, and sometimes even late-afternoon sessions are NOT great! 

You might say… “well that’s crazy! You should be able to take photos anytime anywhere and have them look awesome!” While we photographers try to do this for sure (we're certainly forced to on wedding days) there is something important for you to remember. Light is hands down THE MOST IMPORTANT factor when it comes to getting gorgeous, timeless, bright and airy portraits. And if you are telling me that you want to stand in front of some magnolia trees with beautiful flowers that provide no shade whatsoever at high noon. I’m going to be honest and tell you that you might be a little disappointed! Because although that backdrop is beautiful, what makes a photo beautiful is light. And if you want the style of photograph you see me post on facebook, instagram, or my website…

the time of your session matters…. LIKE A LOT!

In my new course Momtography 101, I have a whole entire module on Light that has 9 different lessons talking in depth about why light matters, what light to avoid, what light to look for, and my very own SECRET SAUCE for how I get my photos to have that bright and airy look (Hint: it’s not editing). But that's not all, we also chat about how to choose the right backgrounds and why it matters, tackling indoor light and I even include behind the scenes videos of me IN REAL LIFE demonstrating these things! That’s right… actual footage of me walking around in various locations showing you what light I’m avoiding and why, what kind of light i’m looking for and when i’ve found it! And the same thing inside my home!

Lessons covering good light, bad light, how to photograph movement, the one lens moms MUST-HAVE, how to shoot in manual, how to get beautiful pictures straight out of camera, getting bright and beautiful pictures INSIDE, what to do when your pictures are too bright, too dark, or too blurry, how to organize and store those THOUSANDS of photos you are hoarding and SO MUCH MORE!

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