mommin’ aint easy

The time my daughter was right...

Today was one of THOOOOOOOSEEEE Days of motherhood!

The kind where your kids wake up fighting, nobody’s sleeping, and you are literally counting down the minutes until bedtime because it seems like every stinkin’ one of them has lost their stinkin’ minds! 

But then this happened…

My 5 year old hit her sister… AGAIN… for like the 2385273504th time today! 

It took every ounce of self-control in my being not to scream at her. Seriously, SHE KNOWS BETTER! But instead I sighed (one of those “better get right with Jesus before I kill my kid sighs…”) and I sent her up to her room. I waited until her wailing, stomping and fit throwing stopped and I went upstairs to chat.  

Instead of finding her in her own room, I found her in mine. Because kids… 😬

She was sprawled out on the bed, all teary-eyed and red-faced, holding a picture of my husband and I. Not sure what was going on with the picture, lol, the last couple of weeks I’ve found her after moments like this, holding it. But I ignored it and I scooped her up in my arms and I patiently talked to her about the importance of how we treat others, why she got in trouble, and what we should do differently next time. 

 As we were leaving my room, she placed the picture of my husband and I back up on our dresser. Curiously, I asked her, “How come you always grab this picture when I send you upstairs to calm down?” Her response was incredible... she said, “Because, mama, when I’m in trouble and feel sad and mad… this picture reminds me of how much you love me.”

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Talk about heart-melting. I think I had to literally pick my jaw up off the floor as I wiped my sobbing tears from my eyes… 

It was one of those mom moments where you go from irritated and exhausted, to, I love you so much I could die in like 5 seconds flat. 

You guys…  my 5 year old just described the importance of pictures better than I ever could. As a photographer, I always hope that people know that pictures are not JUST for social media. No, they are SO MUCH MORE important than that! 

They remind us that no matter how alone we feel in the world, there is a community of people that love us and cherish us and will always support us. 

Pictures remind us where we come from. They tell a story. They have the ability to make us laugh and make us think. They trigger emotions and inspire actions. Pictures can indeed, change the world we live in because they change people.

I just had to share this amazing mom moment with you guys! 

I hope you have a good day with a little bit (or a lot) of Rest & Relaxation *just* for you mama!