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Hey there, mama!

As a professional photogRapher and a mom to three littles myself…

Motherhood is hard… Am I right?

The daily grind of motherhood is relentless. One day is amazing and the next day is awful. And then its amazing again and awful again. And between all those amazing and awful moments its ordinary, mundane and routine. And it’s all the time, NEVER-ending.

“The struggle is REAL” isn’t just a clever phrase.

Being a good mom while we are tired, sad, depressed, anxious, busy, worried, emotional, and overwhelmed is one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do. Pouring into littles from an empty cup is HARD. Some days, it even feels impossible. And, if i’m being honest, sometimes we might even wonder if we are even capable of being a good mom…

But here’s the thing, mama!

You are…

You were MADE to be their mama. Only You. And some days are going to be hard… like REALLY hard. But you, mama, were made to do hard things, and you are the TOUGHEST person I know.

I want to help you RECLAIM JOY in motherhood by sharing with you how I found beauty in the mundane moments…

through photography!

But not just any photography… BEAUTIFUL photography that YOU are capable of taking. Pictures that are frame-worthy. Pictures that you are eager to make your profile picture. The kind of pictures that even make your friends ask if you will take their pictures for them.

But even more than teaching you to take beautiful pictures,

I want to take you on a journey…

A journey that reminds you how to sit back and marvel at your life as it is RIGHT NOW! A journey that will change your perspective and help you see the mundane as marvelous and the messy as beautiful…

because I believe this with my whole heart…

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Momtography 101

helping moms reclaim joy in motherhood with photography

For the first time EVER

I will be offering an online course JUST for mom-tographers.


Module 1: Fundamentals

This module is all about the fundamentals. What to look for when you’re shopping for a camera? What all of it means? And what type of camera is best for your lifestyle.


Module 2: Light

Light is THE most important element of photography. But finding the right light is NOT easy. In this module I will teach you my secret sauce for beautiful photos like this, right out of camera. I’ll let you inside my head and show you how to avoid the worst light and use the best light to get the results that you want.


Module 3: Shooting in Manual

Are you shooting in automatic mode? Does trying to learn about exposure make your head spin? Or maybe you shoot in manual but it feels like trial and error before you get it right. In this module, I walk you step-by-step through ISO, Aperture, and Shutterspeed and a bit about composition so that you can look at the back of the camera and be proud of what you see. No editing required.


Module 4: Troubleshooting

In this module I address the most common complaint I hear from my students. I give you step-by-step instructions for what to change on your camera settings and in what order to change them when your pictures are coming out too bright, too dark, or too blurry! I also talk about how to get those creamy, dreamy, blurry backgrounds that the pro’s deliver, and what lens you need to have RIGHT NOW!


Module 5: Photography & Motherhood

In this module, I get straight to the heart of it. I teach you how to find beauty in every day moments and the one question that I ask myself when motherhood feels overwhelming! I also talk about how to get REAL smiles out of your kids and give you a game plan for tackling movement. Soccer games, Swimming Lessons, Running toddlers… none of them will be beyond your photographic reach.


Module 6: Photo Storage

Afraid to delete the photos off of your phone? Not sure how to free up space on your computer without losing all of the pictures? Whats the best way to organize my photos so I always know where they are? In this module I teach you everything you need to know about organizing your photos and storing them so that they never get lost!

Module 7: Hobby or Pro?

In this module we celebrate the fact that you can now take AMAZING pictures of your kids and I give you some things to consider if you’re thinking about making this a profession!


Bonus Videos:

Plus, you’ll get 3 free bonus videos:

  • Phone photography and the best apps to edit them

  • Editing 101

  • Facebook Group JUST for course takers for continued community and growth!

Already have a camera?

Awesome… let’s dust that baby off and get you shooting with confidence each and every time!

Does this sound like you?

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You just need the right person to teach you!

Let me tell you a little story…


That girl there on the left is me holding my first born. I loved her to pieces. More than I have ever loved anything before. But when I look at this picture, you know what I remember?

I remember the struggle. I remember struggling that my body would never be the same, sleep was a distant memory, and anxiety was my best friend. I remember not knowing what to do with this motherhood thing. And honestly, I remember rolling my eyes at the advice of others to “treasure every moment” or “soak it all in” because all I could see was the MESS of motherhood. All I could see where my imperfections and all of the inadequacies. The overwhelming parts of motherhood made the good ones fade.

But you know what happened?

I found joy.

I was able to embrace the mess, laugh at the sleepless nights, and truly cherish every single good, bad, ugly, and amazing minute. How?

Through photography.

Through photography,  I was able to find joy in this thing called motherhood and I've made it my mission and i’m 100% confident I can teach you to do the same.