Camera Class- Beginner


Camera Class- Beginner


This image above was taken SOOC (straight out of camera). No lights. No photoshop. No Lightroom. NOTHING. You have a DSLR but it's time to learn what its capable of.

I am now offering one-on-one lessons with me, you, and YOUR camera. Some can read tutorial after tutorial but there is NOTHING like hands on experience. This class will consist of 2- 2 hour sessions with me.

Session One: Basic Photography Concepts and Photo Review

-I will teach you the modes on your camera including aperture priority, shutter speed priority, iso priority, ISO priority, and manual 
-How to control depth of field (blurry backgrounds) 
-Examine various photos and discussing how the combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO gave the resulting image. 
-Basic Natural Lighting Techniques and How to find the best lighting no matter where you are 
-Focusing (how to get tack-sharp photos light the pros) 
-Image Quality 
-Photo critique (of your photos)

Session Two: Field Study and Q & A- The best teacher is experience. So that is where we will go for session two.

-After you have had a chance to digest all the above info. we will do a second session on a different day where we will go out and practice shooting in different lighting environments with real subjects 
-Q & A. I will answer any remaining questions you may have either from session one or questions that occur as we are shooting


Where will the lessons be held? 
Lessons will be held in or around the Lincoln area. If you want your lessons to be in another town, travel fees will apply.

What type of Camera do I need? 
Preferably a DSLR (one that can change lenses). Otherwise, there are no stipulations. Canon, Nikon, etc. doesn't matter.

How do I sign up? 
Purchase this class here, then message me here to select a date and time.

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