Hello future Photos by Ariel brides!

If you just got engaged… you’ve made it to the right place! I believe that every single bride deserves to GO WILD over not just her wedding photos but the ENTIRE photographic process! Beautiful, genuine images stem from an amazing experience and that’s exactly what I create for my sweet brides! If you love joyful, timeless wedding photos… I have a treat for you!

I am a full-time photographer who has been looking at life through the lens since 2013. But some of my favorite shoots of all time are weddings. You’d think after 5 years I’d grow weary of weddings but the reality is… I have seen and photographed it all and the more I shoot, the more I fall in love with them! There is something so exciting and magical about a wedding day. The joy, the excitement, the tears, the dances, the portraits that take your breath away… I. LOVE. IT. ALL. When that music begins playing and the bride takes a deep, slightly shaky breath and makes her way down the aisle to her forever… I always get chills… and tears in my eyes. As a momma to three girls myself the emotions of this day are very near to me. And I strive to treat each and every bride as if I fast-forwarded 20 years and it was my own daughter walking down the aisle.

From the moment you inquire until the wedding photos are in your hand, I strive to make your experience memorable, stress-free, and luxurious. After all, this only happens once, you deserve to ENJOY every minute of this process! My photographic style is bright and airy with hints of whimsy and romance. My images focus on connections… cuddling… love… laughter…

I do not take my job lightly! I take the time to get to know my couples. Their strengths and struggles. Their loves and hates. Their hardest times and their best moments. The kind of stuff that only best friends know! All of this translates into me being able to accurately take images that tell your story. So that on even the HARDEST days of marriage… you can look at these images together and be inspired to keep investing and keep choosing each other.

Before each and every wedding, I take the time to say a little prayer for my couples, their families, and for my ability to capture this day of celebration with excellence and creativity! Besides raising my 3 beautiful girls, photographing weddings is truly one of the most rewarding parts of my life! The friendships and experiences that I've created with my couples last far beyond the wedding day and I believe that’s how it should be!

I’m so excited for you to keep scrolling to learn more about how being a Photos by Ariel Bride isn’t your typical photography experience; it’s so much more!

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Let the fun begin…

keep scrolling to find out how to be a Photos by Ariel Bride

Step 1: Let’s Be Friends

I don’t believe that wedding photography is one-size-fits-all! I know that Photos by Ariel Brides are unique and I work VERY hard to find them! I serve a very specific type of bride who recognizes that if she wants joyful, genuine portraits of herself and her new groom, then she needs more than just pretty pictures. She needs an incredible EXPERIENCE! The first step toward with me is determining if I am the perfect fit for you! Let’s get together for coffee, chat about what you have planned for your big day, and determine if we are a match made in heaven….

Step 2: Save the Date

 Yay! You were made to be a Photos by Ariel Bride! Now let’s make sure your date is safe and secure so that we can make this dream a reality!!! I’ll send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your deposit to make everything officially official! Now that you’re an official Photos by Ariel Bride & Groom, it’s time to get started.

Step 3: Engagements

Let the fun begin! After you book, we’ll schedule your engagement session (complimentary with each of my wedding packages)! And don’t worry… I’ll teach you EVERYTHING! I thrive at helping my clients get comfortable and feel like themselves. After the first 20 minutes of your session, you will be pros. GUARANTEED. I’ve NEVER had a couple not feel at ease! Even if you think you’re not photogenic or if your fiancé “hates having pictures taken,” you will be killing it after 20 minutes have gone by! That’s all the time I need to get rid of nerves and start capturing the joy of this new season in your life together! After your engagement session you’ll be featured on the Photos by Ariel Blog and will also be sent your online gallery of images to download and share however you wish.

Step 4: Timeline Talk

Once we’re approximately 8 weeks out from your big day, I’ll start making sure that I’m completely prepared and ready for your wedding! I love creating custom timelines for my couples to ensure that they don’t miss out on their dream wedding photos! You know all those dreamy portraits, fun friend shots, and detail images that look like they are straight out of a magazine??? I work with my couples to plan their day so that they can actually have images like that of their OWN! After 5 years of photographing weddings in an editorial manner, I know how to create that perfect timeline for your photography-friendly wedding day!

Step 5: Your Wedding Day

It’s here! It’s time to celebrate, relax, and let me and my team get to work! This day is going to be a blur so I make it my priority to capture the traditional shots that every bride needs while also capturing the moments in between in a creative and unique way. One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is my portrait time with the newlyweds and getting to meet their friends and family. After the wedding day you’ll be featured on my blog with approximately 50 images from your big day. I like to make sure and share the weddings while everyone is still on cloud nine instead of making my couples wait. <3

Step 6: Gallery

After your wedding day is over, you will receive an online gallery full of your wedding memories! HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of them since ALL of my packages include every single image from your big day!!!! Of course they are all organized into nice little albums! :) I encourage my couples to sit down with a glass of wine the night that their gallery goes live and enjoy reliving their wedding day through these images! I do have the option for professional prints and albums, however, these are not required.

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Download your personalized app on your phone and have access to images as I edit them and upload them to your gallery!