My ALL-TIME favorite places to get clothes for photos

1.) Old navy

Here’s what I love about Old Navy. Everything is color coordinated. They typically have color themes throughout the whole store for each season. It might be navy and wine color or mustard and blue or whatever…. but either way, this makes coordinating clothes for family photos SUPER EASY. All of these options are available on their website RIGHT NOW!

2.) Harper’s Chic Closet

This children’s boutique is full of chic & timeless clothing options for little’s of all ages. They have everything you will need, accessories, headbands, leggings, outfit sets, dresses, rompers, hats, leg warmers, purses, and not a clothing item, but definitely worthwhile, they carry the world’s most adorable cloth dolls!!!! Get your wallet ready for this one! Visit their website HERE.

3.) Jane

You can go to their website HERE, or you can download their app (which is my method)! I love checking their site every night before bed and seeing what the new deals of the day are. I had one of my best clients introduce me to Jane and i’ve been hooked ever since. If you see something you like, buy it right then because the deals are constantly changing and you never know when it’ll be back. The thing I love about Jane is:

  • everything i’ve ordered has been AMAZING quality

  • it doesn’t look like it was bought at a chain store

  • They are unique and one-of-a-kind

  • They look expensive but aren’t outrageously priced

  • They look like you got them at a boutique!

  • Their pieces are usually timeless.

  • They get new items daily!

4.) Amazon

I’m not exaggerating when I say that 90% of my life comes from Amazon. Diapers, Wipes, Vitamins, Snacks, Coffee, Clothing, literally EVERYTHING! Here are some of my favorite clothing items for family pictures available on amazon.

5.) Bailey’s Blossoms

If you are looking for reasonably priced but STUNNING and GORGEOUS little girl clothes… look NO FURTHER than Bailey’s Blossoms. Also, make sure you follow their email list so you can find out when they have their $1, $3, $5 sale!!!

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6.) Target

Target always has amazing options that are the perfect amount of dressy and casual, trendy and timeless. I actually have a family photo session/branding session coming up in June and I went to Target this weekend and found every single person an outfit there all in under an hour!

Check out this replay of my LIVE video where I talk about my thought process behind the pieces I selected.

7.) Petals & Peonies

This adorable online boutique has some of the most timeless, beautiful baby items i’ve ever seen for both BOYS & GIRLS! I love their pieces because of the simple beauty of them. I love the textures in the fabrics, the designs, and the colors. All of their pieces make don’t steal our eye away from baby but instead just accentuate their beauty! Quality is amazing! I’ve NEVER been disappointed with ANY of my purchases from here! Follow them on Facebook or visit their website HERE.

8.) Bella Ella Boutique

This online boutique is dedicated to women and women alone because lets be honest… we NEVER treat ourselves and we SHOULD! Especially when it comes to picking outfits for a photo session! This boutique is committed to empowering women through the clothes they wear and this is a mission I can ALWAYS get behind. Make sure you check out their website HERE, or follow them on facebook and instagram!

9.) Bitsy Bug Boutique

This AH-MAZING online boutique is perfect for both boys & girls clothing. The owner is a mom who totally gets it! She offers adorable, one-of-a-kind clothing for kids without making us spend their college savings. Plus free shipping over $30 AND free returns for 30 days (thought I’ll doubt you’ll need it!) Follow them on facebook, Instagram, or visit their website HERE.