Hey there, mama!

As a professional photogRapher and a mom to three littles myself…

Motherhood is hard… Am I right?

The daily grind of motherhood is relentless. One day is amazing and the next day is awful. And then its amazing again and awful again. And between all those amazing and awful moments its ordinary, mundane and routine. And it’s all the time, NEVER-ending.

“The struggle is REAL” isn’t just a clever phrase.

Being a good mom while we are tired, sad, depressed, anxious, busy, worried, emotional, and overwhelmed is one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. Pouring into littles from an empty cup is HARD. Some days, it even feels impossible. And, if i’m being honest, sometimes we might even wonder if we are even capable of being a good mom…

But here’s the thing, mama!

You are…

You were MADE to be their mama. Only You. And some days are going to be hard… like REALLY hard. But you, mama, were made to do hard things, and you are the TOUGHEST person I know.

I want to help you RECLAIM JOY in motherhood by sharing with you how I found beauty in the mundane moments…

through photography!

But not just any photography… BEAUTIFUL photography that YOU are capable of taking. Pictures that are frame-worthy. Pictures that you are eager to make your profile picture. The kind of pictures that even make your friends ask if you will take their pictures for them.

But even more than teaching you to take beautiful pictures,

I want to take you on a journey…

A journey that reminds you how to sit back and marvel at your life as it is RIGHT NOW! A journey that will change your perspective and help you see the mundane as marvelous and the messy as beautiful…

because I believe this with my whole heart…

you only live once.png

But there’s one problem….

Just like mommin’… photography isn’t easy!

Does this sound like you?

If you feel that way, good news!

you’re normal.

I felt that way at the beginning, too.

That’s why I created this course.

more good news....png

This course is no longer ONLY available in person…

for the first time ever,

I will be offering an online course JUST for mom-tographers…

because who has time to meet in person?

  • finding a day that works

  • hiring a babysitter

  • and trying to learn everything in 2 hrs. and hoping it sticks


Now, you will be able to easily digest all this amazing information

| at your own pace|

| in your own time |

|any. time. you. want.|

(nap time anyone!?!)



Module 1: What kind of camera and lens you NEED!

  • what to look for when you’re shopping for a camera!

  • what lens you NEED to have in your camera bag!

  • what type of camera is best for your lifestyle!


Module 2: How to use your camera like the pros!

  • Blurry Backgrounds.

  • Beautiful Skin Tones.

  • Sharp and Crisp Photos.

  • Pictures that are not too dark and not to bright.

    All of this can be accomplished by knowing how to use your camera and i’m ready to walk you step by step in teaching you:

  • What is ISO, SHUTTERSPEED, and Aperture and why do they matter?

  • What do all these buttons on my camera mean?

  • Which ones should I use?

    After this module you can take a big sigh of relief because photography will no longer feel overwhelming!


Module 3: What to do when it’s just not working!

In this module I address the most common complaints I hear from my current students.

  • My pictures are TOO BRIGHT

  • My pictures are TOO DARK

  • My background isn’t blurry!

  • My kid IS blurry!

In this module I give you step-by-step instructions for what to change on your camera settings and in what order to change them!


Module 4: How to find good light!

  • Where the best light is indoors.

  • Where to shoot when your outside.

  • What time of day is BEST when taking pictures of your kids.

  • How to find the right light ANYWHERE you go.

  • What kind of light to avoid

  • What kind of light to look for

  • Behind the scenes footage of me scouting locations for just the right spot.


Module 5: Photography in everyday life!

In this module, I get straight to the heart of it. I teach you:

  • how to find beauty in every day moments

  • The one question that I ask myself when motherhood feels overwhelming!

  • How to get REAL smiles out of your kids

  • A game plan for tackling movement. (Soccer games, Swimming Lessons, Running toddlers… none of them will be beyond your photographic reach).


Module 6: Storing your photos so you NEVER lose them!

  • Afraid to delete the photos off of your phone?

  • Not sure how to free up space on your computer without losing all of the pictures?

  • Whats the best way to organize my photos so I always know where they are?

  • How should I organize my pictures… I have so many!?!

    In this module I teach you everything you need to know about organizing your photos and storing them so that they never get lost!


Module 7: Stay a Hobby or Go Pro?

In this module we:

  • celebrate the fact that you can now take AMAZING pictures of your kids

  • And I give you some things to consider if you’re thinking about making this a profession!


Bonus Videos:

Plus, you’ll get 3 free bonus videos:

  • Phone photography and the best apps to edit them ($50 value)- because sometimes that’s the only camera available.

  • Behind the scenes videos of me actually doing #allthingthings. Finding the right light inside and outside, talking to my subjects, figuring out which lights to avoid, etc.

  • Editing 101 ($100 value)- what programs should you buy and why do you need it!

  • Facebook Group JUST for course takers (always priceless) so you can:

    • Connect with other Moms

    • Chat with people who enjoy photography like you

    • Get help with problems that arise in motherhood AND photography

    • Continued growth and encouragement


Don’t take it from me, here are some words from my past students:

“ I AM CRYING. I cannot believe I took these pictures of my child. No more constant questioning and wondering what I am doing wrong(in photography or motherhood)… Ariel’s course is 1000% worth the investment and I am SO GRATEFUL for inspiring words and her ability to make the complex simple!”

“Ariel’s course is worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. and MORE! Thank you so much Ariel!”

“i’m so freaking excited right now. i took my kids out in the snow and was able to set my camera and know what i needed to change when it didn’t look the way i wanted it to. I just got 45 frame-worthy photos of my two kids and it literally took me 30 minutes tops. I am so thankful for this course!”

“I just want to say that when I first started, I constantly struggled with understanding my camera settings and how exposure works. Ariel covered this so well! I refer back to my notes often and I love how you explained light. I came into this course with a list of questions and you answered them ALL without me even having to ask, haha!

“I couldn’t be happier that I signed up for your coaching class. I was SO FRUSTRATED with my camera and how it took pictures before… honestly, I was ready to buy a whole different camera because I was SO aggravated. I had already spent a decent amount of money on this one and then when I bought your class… LIFE CHANGING. I couldn’t be happier with how my pictures are turning out. I love how you showed me how my very own camera model works and what each setting does. I’m a hands-on learner so this course helped me a LOT!“


“As a stay-at-home mom, Ariel’s course was reviving to my soul. Before this course I felt discouraged with the day to day tasks of motherhood and taking care of a house. I felt useless. But now, I feel skilled, important, needed, and incredible proud of myself. It brings tears to my eyes because I haven’t felt these things in years. Thank you so much, Ariel. You have reminded me of my purpose and given me an opportunity to be successful in photography AND motherhood.”

A little bit about your teacher…

Let me tell you a little story…


That girl there on the left is me holding my first born. I loved her to pieces. More than I have ever loved anything before. But when I look at this picture, you know what I remember?

I remember the struggle. I remember struggling that my body would never be the same, sleep was a distant memory, and anxiety was my best friend. I remember not knowing what to do with this motherhood thing. And honestly, I remember rolling my eyes at the advice of others to “treasure every moment” or “soak it all in” because all I could see was the MESS of motherhood. All I could see where my imperfections and all of the inadequacies. The overwhelming parts of motherhood made the good ones fade.

But you know what happened?

I found joy.

I was able to embrace the mess, laugh at the sleepless nights, and truly cherish every single good, bad, ugly, and amazing minute. How?

Through photography.

Through photography,  I was able to find joy in this thing called motherhood and I've made it my mission and i’m 100% confident I can teach you to do the same.




What if I don’t have a DSLR camera?

  • Perfect! My very first video is going to help you decide which camera is right for your lifestyle as well as give you a list and links to some of my FAVORITE camera’s for momma’s and why!

Do I NEED a DSLR camera?

  • If you like saving money and getting gorgeous pictures… YES! This course does have a free BONUS video on phone photography however it is aimed for those who own or are getting a DSLR camera.

Isn’t my phone “good enough”?

Oh goodness, this is one of my favorites. Let me ask you this…

  • How many times has your toddler moved during a photo and their arm ends up blurry?

  • How many times have their eyes disappeared instead of showing off that true blue color?

  • How many times have you tried to take a picture before only to see that there isn’t enough light and and the flash just makes them look like washed out, red-eyed, zombies?

  • How many times have you ever tried to print a picture off of your phone only to have it end up blurry instead of crisp and clean?

With a DSLR you will get:

  • High-quality photos that look good on screen AND in print

  • Good photos in dimly lit locations

  • Sharp and Crisp Images

  • Accurate, vibrant colors

  • Beautiful creamy, blurry backgrounds that the pro’s have.

I’ve tried learning before but it just didn’t work?

Girl, I’ve been there! Reading blogs and trying to put them into practice and figuring out how that persons camera model is different than your own DOESN’T work! It just leave’s us feeling frustrated and sometimes MORE confused that when we started. That’s why i’m starting this course.

  • I know how to shoot both Canon AND Nikon so I’ll be able to explain BOTH camera settings to you!

  • As a mom who learned photography myself, I know what language to use to walk you step by step through all the things in terms that are understandable and EASY TO REMEMBER!

  • And as a fellow momma, I’m SKILLED in knowing how to explain hard topics in an easy way because that’s what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I don’t know that my husband will want me to spend money on this?

I feel you, my husband is the definition of SAVER. But… when I was able to sit down and show him the numbers of how much money I would be saving long-term and that this is an investment, not a useless luxury, he was much more understanding.

This course will give you a LIFELONG SKILL that you can use to document YOUR everyday life for generations to come.

And… can you ever have enough pictures of the people you love the most?

Won’t this take a lot of time?

Nope! The good news is you have LIFETIME, UNLIMITED ACCESS to these videos! You can watch them at your pace when YOU have the time. After learning all of the things that I’m teaching in this course, I started my business only 6 months later and began making money for my family.

What if i’m not a mom?

No worries at all! There are no pre-requisites from taking this class. I have material created for all beginner photographers. Whether its someone who is just picking up their first camera or someone who wants to perfect the skills they’ve learned thus far. While I began as a mom teaching moms, I’ve since expanded to include beginning photographers from all over with varying skill levels and interests. I happily welcome everyone!

How much is it?

The starting price will be $147, however, for those on the waitlist… there will be a SPECIAL launch price coming to them in July!

What all will we learn?

Literally #allthethings from picking out a camera, how to use it, lighting, light to avoid, light to look for, how to get kids to smile FOR REAL, how to see beauty in the everyday moments, Intro. to Editing, and even how to store your photos so they NEVER get lost! Check out the whole list of content, HERE.

Will you cover editing?

There will be an Intro. to Editing module… however, I will say that my goal is to get the image as perfect in camera as possible. I believe that editing should be like spices when we cook. Only used to enhance an already good dish rather than trying to make a disgusting dish taste good.

How much time and money do you spend on photo session? Think about all the hours of picking out clothing, getting everyone ready, and bribing kids to be happy? How much are you spending on valentines photos, easter photos, Christmas card photos, birthday photos?

It’s probably costing you a lot.

In fact, a recent survey I conducted from mom’s in Central Illinois revealed that they spend an average of over $600 a year on pictures of their children.

What would you do with all that extra time and money?


It’s your turn




get beautiful pictures in camera. no editing required.

You know that frustration you get after using your DSLR and getting images that aren’t what you were imagining? Now you can produce work that you are proud of! Walk away from your camera every single time with a smile on your face, knowing that you have amazing photos.

save money and time.

One of the best part about learning how to use a camera is taking pictures of your own kids. No more hoping they are in a good mood, take good naps, and are happy on photo day. We all know that kids are unpredictable. Now you can pull your camera out when those things are already happening!

Find joy in motherhood.

For me, even if you learned NOTHING else. This would be worth it. Motherhood is exhausting. I don’t have to tell you that. But when we retrain our brains to see the beauty in the mess. That’s when magic happens. Our perspective changes, our demeanor changes, our mood changes. We are more relaxed, more fun, and more enjoyable to our ENTIRE family. If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy… so it’s time to be happy again! Don’t live the life you love… it’s time to LOVE the life you live!


what you’ll learn



My complete system


Find which camera is right for you


Learn to use it like the pro’s


Finding the right light


How to get REAL smiles from your kids


How to photograph movement

Getting blurry backgrounds


Crisp and clear focus

Find beauty in the mess


Soak up all the little moments


How to frame a photo

Handling tricky light

The lens you MUST HAVE

Where to store photos so they are never lost

Getting gorgeous photos on your phone


Introduction to Editing

This course is PERFECT for you if....png


Just send an email to info@photosbyariel.com and i’ll get back to you within 24 hours Monday-Friday (excluding major holidays).