"We met in Prison..."

A few months ago I met with Adam Hickey and Amy Canull for their pre-wedding consultation where we discuss expectations, sign contracts, and get to know one another. When I asked how they met, their response was one-of-a-kind, "We met in prison..."

I'm not going to lie to you. I was a little frightened and unsure of how this story was going to end but it turns out they are both correctional officers at an Illinois Prison. Whew! I was quite relieved to here this.

This last Friday we met up at a private property that their family owns and ya'll... it was gorgeous. The lake, the wooden benches and picnic tables, wildflowers, wooden bridges, and berry covered bushes were absolutely breathtaking but not near as breathtaking as this couple. Adam and Amy truly have something special. It was evident during the consultation, it was evident during the engagement session, it was evident during their photos, and i'm certain it will be just as evident on their wedding day.

Congratulations Adam and Amy! Can't wait for September to get here!!!