To my husband on the day he graduates...

Today we celebrate this amazing man and my husband! The reason we moved to Illinois is so he could get his masters from Lincoln Christian university. And today he graduates with a Masters of Divinity in the New Testament. The thing about time is that when you look at it in hindsight it all sounds so simple. He graduated with a bachelors we moved to Illinois, got his masters, etc. but that’s not how it works. In reality, There has been blood, sweat and tears pursuing this degree. There were good times and bad times. Financially, emotionally, and spiritually. It takes dedication, commitment, passion, drive, a humble spirit and an eagerness to learn when pursuing higher education and even MORE SO when you do it with a full time job, a wife with a business and three young kids. But the really amazing thing about Chase is his integrity and his humility. He always does the right thing even when no one is watching and see’s himself not as one to be served but as a servant to all!

So today I take a break from everything to celebrate him and the amazing human being, husband, friend, and brother in Christ this man is. He is everything I’m not and everything I want to be! I love you chase and I’m so incredibly proud to be with you on this journey! Can’t wait to see where life takes us!

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